Statement on Privacy Right Protection

Last update: Nov/12/2018

Thank you for visiting the worldwide web page of Globe Union Industrial Corp. (the “Website”). This statement is prepared by Globe Union Industrial Corp. (referred to as “we” or the “Company”) to honor and protect your rights to privacy. Please read the following message on how this Website collects, processes, and uses your personal data.
1. Scope of Application of the Statement on Privacy Right Protection? ?
This Statement on Privacy Right Protection (the “Statement”) applies to the collection, processing and use of your personal data when you visit this Website.? ?

2. Collection of Personal Data? ?
This Website will not collect any personal data if you merely browse the Website. However, when you browse the Website, you may voluntarily use the “Email us” function on the Website or the email address of the Company to provide to us the following categories of personal data of yours:
- Personal contact: This category of data is provided by you to enable us to contact you, which includes, but not limited to, your name, email address, address or telephone number.
- Product or service demand: This category of data is demand-related data provided by you on a voluntary basis out of your interest in the products or services displayed on the Website.
- Customer feedback: This category of data includes your experiences of using our products or services which you voluntarily share with us.
- Data relating to finance and investment: This category of data includes financial data which you voluntarily provide to the Company as an investor or shareholder of the Company.
- Other data produced by users of the Website: This category of data includes data which you created or voluntarily provided to us, including, but not limited to, photograph, video, audio and text related to personal data.

If you do not wish to provide us with your data, it is likely that we would not be able to provide you with our products or services or process your requests, questions or inquiries.

3. Protection of Children's Privacy?
The Website has no intention to collect personal data from children under age of 14. If we inadvertently collect personal data of a child under age of 14, we will delete the data immediately after becoming aware of it. However, we may collect, process and use a child’s personal data in a lawful manner in circumstances where the child’s parents or other guardians have given a clear consent.

4. Cookies and Web Logs? ?
The Website will not record your IP address, the time of your access, or the pages on the Website that you visit, and will not plant cookies for analysis of the behaviors of users as a whole or of any specific users.

5. Collection, Process and Use of Your Personal Data
We collect, process and use your personal data for the following purposes: - to improve user experience with respect to the Website;
- to improve or maintain the system or internet environment used by the Website;
- to process your request, question or inquiry;
- to develop or improve our products or services;
- for study or analysis, e.g. analysis on products, markets or users;
- to fulfil statutory or contractual obligations;
- to protect our legal rights and interests; and
- to comply with the law or the orders or requests of the courts or governmental agencies.

We will collect, process and use your personal data based on the following legal basis or bases:
- your consent;
- our company group’s legitimate interests, namely, the aforementioned purposes that we wish to achieve; and
- the legal obligation with which we must comply.

6. Third Party Websites?
The Website may contain links to third party websites. You are advised to be mindful of the privacy policies of such third party websites. Third party websites may collect your personal data. Please read the privacy policy of such third party websites before providing your personal data to them. We will not bear any responsible for such websites.

7. Sharing of Personal Data and with Whom We Share Personal Data?
Other than using your personal data, we may share your personal data with the following third party organizations or individuals for their processing and use:
- Subsidiaries or affiliated companies: In order to provide you with thorough services, your personal data may be shared with our subsidiaries or affiliated companies. They may only use your personal data in accordance our instruction within the scope of performing certain tasks, and they will take measures to keep your personal data confidential and secure.
- Service providers or business partners: It may be a supplier providing services to us (e.g., supplier of website maintenance service or data analysis service) or a customer of ours (e.g., distributors or firms that we retain to provide supporting services to our customers). These organizations or individuals may only use your personal data in accordance our instruction within the scope of performing certain tasks, and they will take measures to keep your personal data confidential and secure and will return the data to us or destroy the data after they no longer need the data.
- Governmental agencies or courts: We will comply with instructions from governmental agencies and court orders to provide your personal data within the scope of their instructions.
- Entities to which we are required by law to disclose your data: We will disclose your personal data to the entities required by laws and regulations within the scope provided thereunder.
- Third parties relating to M&A transactions: Your personal data may be disclosed or transferred during a negotiation, merger, sale of the Company’s assets or other M&A transactions.

Other than the above, we will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent.

8. Retention and Use Period?
We will use reasonable endeavor to make sure that the period during which we retain, process and use your personal data does not exceed the time necessary for the purposes we wish to achieve as set forth in Article 5. To determine the period reasonable for our retention, processing and use of your personal data, we will consider:
- the volume, nature and sensitivity of your personal data;
- the risk that your personal data might be exposed to improper or unauthorized use or disclosure;
- the purposes for collection, processing or use of your personal data, and the likely ways of achieving such purposes;
- the existence of any lawsuits or disputes concerning your personal; and
- our obligations to comply with the law and regulations.

Once we determine after evaluation that it is no longer necessary to retain your personal data, we will permanently delete or destroy your personal data or anonymize your personal data.

9. Areas Where Personal Data Will Be Used and Transferred?
The location where your personal data will be stored, processed and used are (i) the business location or place of the Company, the third party organizations or the individuals specified in Article 7, or (ii) the location necessary for afore said parties to achieve the purposes described in Article 5. These locations may not be your whereabouts or your residential area, and are primarily location in Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe. Your personal data may be transferred to these areas and may be processed and used there. To ensure security of cross-border storage, processing and use of your personal data, we will protect your personal data through appropriate legal mechanism, including, but not limited to, selecting service providers which meet the requirements of data protection laws, or entering into proper data protection contracts with the service providers.

10. Means of Processing and Using Personal Data?
Your personal data will be processed and used via electronic, paper-based or verbal form, and by either automated or non-automated means.

11. Protection of Personal Data?
We will take appropriate organizational or technical measures to prevent any improper or unauthorized use, disclosure, change or damage of the personal data in our possession. Also, we will request that our subsidiaries, affiliated companies, service providers and business partners take similar security measures. However, inevitably, there is no system that could ensure absolute security, and there are inherent risks of transferring data via the internet. If you believe there is a data breach with respect to your personal data in our possession, please contact us immediately.

12. The Rights You Have
With respect to your personal data, you have the rights to:
- request that you be informed of how your personal data is processed and used;
- request to access and review your personal data;
- request that a copy of your personal data be provided (generally once in electronic form);
- request for amendment and supplementation of your personal data;
- request that your personal data be deleted;
- restrict our processing, use and disclosure of your personal data
- request data portability;
- refuse to allow us to process and use your personal data;
- refuse to allow us to use your personal data for direct marketing;
- file complaints with data protection authorities or regulatory bodies;

If you exercise any of the above rights, the Company may charge you the necessary fees in accordance with the laws. In addition, to safeguard your rights and interests and to avoid dispute, we will act only upon specific requests made by you in writing, and may verify your identity prior to taking any action. Please be noted that in some circumstances we may not be able to delete your personal data pursuant to your request, e.g. where we are required to comply with the relevant laws or regulations or contracts, or where there is a need to establish or assert a legal claim.

13. Governing Law?
The content of this Statement and disputes arising in connection with your personal data shall be governed by the law of R.O.C (Taiwan).

14. Amendment to This Statement
We have the right to amend this Statement from time to time to meet the actual needs of personal data protection. We will update this web page if this Statement is amended. We suggest that you visit this page frequently to understand the latest terms and conditions of the Statement. In the event you disagree to any newly amended Statement, please cease browsing the Website. By continuing to browse the Website, you are deemed to have accept the terms and conditions of the amended Statement.

15. Contact us
If you have any questions regarding the Statement or you wish to submit any request, notice or complaint pursuant to the provisions of the Statement, you may contact us by using the “Email us” function on the Website or sending a letter to 22 Chien Kuo Rd, Taichung Export Processing Zone, Taichung, Taiwan, Globe Union Industrial Corp. Legal Department. We will process your request, notice or complaint within a reasonable period of time.